Booking Terms

Prices and what’s included

Prices are displayed with VAT, so no extra VAT-charge will be added. Everything that is written in our information is what’s included. The visitor doesn’t have the right to demand extra services for free, unless the guide/company representative accepts the wish of the visitor.


Payments and booking

In case you book/have booked a guided tour/activity through any of our partners, the conditions of our partner succeeds over the conditions set out in this document.

If you wish to change, rebook or delete your booking you have to do it at least 48 hours prior to the starting time of your guided tour/activity. If you delete your booking when it is less than 48 hours to the starting time, you will be charge with 50 % of the cost.


Passport, Visa and Travel restrictions

The customer is responsible to have the knowledge about contemporary travel restrictions and rules/laws about passports and Visas, regardless of his or hers citizenship. Time Travel Tours will not pay customers for eventual problems that may occur during travel.


Regulation of Time Travel Tours responsibility


Time Travel Tours is not responsible for any damages on persons or personal belongings during our activities, unless the customer can prove that a guide/company representative have made something wrong. In some situations Time Travel Tour will not take any responsibility, these are situations that are out of our hands, as customer sickness, machine troubles, authority regulations, war/terrorism or force majeure.


On some of the tours you visit horses. These are friendly and calm but we advise you to be careful when you are near them. We do not take responsibility for any injuries that the horses might bring upon you. How ever, the risk is minimal. The local farm are also free of responsibility. 


Privacy Addendum
We may use third-party service providers such as TripAdvisor to process your personal information on our behalf. For example, we may share some information about you with these third parties so that they can contact you directly by email (for example: to obtain post visit reviews about your experience).